Every Country has it’s out of the way location and difficult to get to. Guatemala is no exception, Livingstone lies on an inlet running of the Dulce (Sweet River) and the only small portion that Guatemala has that lies on the Caribbean. Very hard to get to, considering you take 35 people and 35 bag of medicine. The trip requires a 5-6 hour road trip, and then about a 45 minute boat ride. Very rough ride.

After having worked with the team leader for several months the agreement was made to get into that very hot beautiful tropical location, to serve some very poor almost forgotten children and adults.

Along with the medicine we had gift bags, toys, Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Pastors and an eye Doctor. We set up the different medical services in several school rooms that were given to us, for the three days we were there, by the district Director of Education for the area.

We saw every kind of sickness imaginable, not all which we could treat, they needed special care but had nowhere to send them.

Please pray for these pour souls that our wonderful Jesus will take care of them. We wrote about 200 prescriptions.

We were richly blessed on this most unusual medical mission trip.
Words cannot describe this trip so we have attached a video that is in three parts for you all to be blessed.
We Praise and thank God for the blessing for allowing us to go and serve wherever and whenever.
Thank you for your offerings that keep us going.

Sincerely in Christ
Tom, Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh Allan

Video part one

Video part two

Video part three