February 3rd – 12th 2012 at Hearts for the Children Ministry.

God girl given a cookie at Mount Zion Church - Hearts For The Childrenhas given us all unique gifts and why not exercise them. Nancy a recent visitor to us from Canada loves baking, so she proceeded in assembling all the supplies locally from San Lucas, hooking up a propane stove and spending most evenings baking cookies.


It was a bit of a challenge as the oven needed to be set at 500 degrees due to the altitude of close to 10,000 feet and even then it often took 40 minutes to bake a set of cookies that would have taken 10 minutes at a lower altitude. All of this would have been easier of course with a stand mixer. However, wrists were strengthened with a lot of hand mixing.


The cookies were either made with a chocolate cake mix or with smooth peanut butter, eggs, sugar and oil.


Each cookie was then individually packaged in a plastic sandwich bag and had an insert placed inside that with said Dios te Bendiga ( God bless you ) or Jesus te Ama ( Jesus loves you) .


The cookies were given out on many occasions,  to the children who came to the Bible Teaching and Feeding program  and to many who came to the Friday morning service at Mary Magdelana House in downtown Guatemala City.


Cookies were also left behind give o the whole congregation at Iglesia Monte De Sion on Sunday in Embaulada.