In 2001, Tom and Elizabeth acquired a property in the poor district of Colonia Landivar of Guatemala City. It did not take them long to feel the tremendous need for God’s love in these streets, as they couldn’t help but notice prostitutes on every corner and drug and alcohol addicts wandering the streets. The more time Tom and Elizabeth began to spend in this part of the city, the heavier God laid it upon their hearts to one day start a ministry to these ladies and men.

In 2004  an outreach was started ( Mary Magdelene House) where time was spent praising the Lord, where words of encouragement from the Bible were offered and the saving hand of Jesus. This was followed by them dining together as brothers and sisters.

Moving onto to 2015, the ministry is still going.  On 27th January 2015, a small team of three arrived from Canada to help carry on this ministry after a short hiatus. It did not look promising as when we arrived, there was only one guy asleep outside a little the worse for wear from drinking.  As we had not had a whole day to prepare food, Tom, Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh had bought 200 turkey dogs, buns and some horchada ( sweet rice milk drink) .

Juanito ( leading worship in the video above) a former drug dealer, now on fire for Jesus and running a rehabilitation centre arrived and set up his keyboard. Once he started playing and singing the audience of one slowly expanded as people started just coming off the streets, prostitutes, some high on paint thinner or cheap alcohol, many just doing their best to survive somehow.  It was an amazing turnout for a first service in a while and for such a small number it was amazing how many came forward for prayer and to make Jesus their saviour.  Everyone was fed afterwards and given some personal care packs we had assembled.

We came back the next Friday to continue the ministry and this time had more people including 16 kids who were ministered to in another room. We were also able to give out shoes and some clothes. A prostitute who had looked in and passed by a few times the week before, came in this time and went straight to the front for prayer.

These were fantastic services with a clear message from Tom and Juanito that Jesus loves everyone – whatever place or circumstance they are in.

We left Tom and Elizabeth enough money from donations to help feed the people for another 7 or 8 weeks.

It was great to see the relationships built over the years and some of the successes – we  saw Elizabeth talking to prostitutes on the streets and to a former prostitutes now married. Also at their home church of Mount Zion worship is led by a former prostitute from this very street we were on.

love in Christ from Tom Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh.  

Martin, Nancy and Jes  ( family team from Canada )