Four special speakers and several music teams were invited to help celebrate the dedication of the new Temple.

  • Pastor Manny from the Dominican Republic
  • Pastor Erik from Costa Rica,
  • Brother Max from Canada,
  • Brother Dale from Atlanta Georgia,
  • Pastor Ulin of Guatemala,

all preached powerful words of God.


The Holy Spirit moved in an extra ordinary way during the 4 services.

As the blessings flowed, the crowds crushed to the alter for more,men,women and children were slain in the spirit and they came back for more.
We believe we are on the threshold of a revival. Not surprising as God showed me in a vision that there would be multitudes coming up the mountain roads to receive a blessing of the Holy Spirit.


A prophesy was given the Church on Saturday night by Pastor Manny that the Church needs to prepare for what is to come. We are preparing!
As you will see by the pictures that the crowds increased from the first service on Thursday night to an overflowing crowd on Sunday afternoon.


When the alter calls were made human masses surged forward.
We are all richly blessed by this unusual movement of Gods Spirit. Needless we all want more.

Pastor Ulin of the Premir De Julio Church of God in Guatemala Preaching a powerful word.