house-1Home after being away for six months, for me and my family was a new experience.

First arriving at our house where we were greeted by our most trusted and loyal friend, Patro, who gave up Christmas and New year’s with his family to take care of our house and property, dogs, parrots and garden simply because he loves us with the love of Jesus.

Second, the sun was shining brightly not a cloud in the sky and the temperature at 72 degrees.

Third the awesome reception we received at our first Church service – balloons, fire crackers, all of the children lined up at the front of the Church with handmade signs  “welcome home pastors”, indeed brought tears to our hearts. A special dance presentation, with the theme, your bodies may leave us but your spirit never. Of course the ladies of the Church prepared a special lunch for the whole village. We do not know where all of the people came from but the Church was full.

We do admit that it has taken us about two weeks to re-acclimatize back into the real world, after being so spoiled by so many truly loving friends in Canada and the USA. Our trip took us over 5,000 miles.

Several things we must tell you that are truly of God. A couple of days before leaving Guatemala, Cheryl Leigh and Tom were driving in Guatemala City when Cheryl asked how are we going to get around in Canada and the US without a car, I just shrugged and said I guess God will take of it.

Not only did we have one car, but two! I had been asking God for a driver because I felt I had driven enough over 20 some odd years, and there it was, yep Cheryl did most of the driving.


My family and I want to thank all of our friends who, loved us, prayed for us, fed us, housed us, especially Pastor Ralph Glagau of Humberlea Christian Center in Toronto who counseled us, prayed for us and gave us a wonderful 8 passenger van to make the trip from and to Toronto and the Southern States, with many stops along the way.

Many thanks to Beth Elder and her Mother Gwen who gave us a beautiful condo to live in while visiting the Atlanta area, along with a smaller economic vehicle to get around in. We must thank a most very special man of God!, Dale Jahost. Of Atlanta Georgia, a man, but one you should all get to know, He is touch with His God!

Our efforts to raise enough funds to replace our two worn our vehicles, although good, was not good enough to do that. We ask you all to pray with us, God knows all things and has a plan ready, we need to be patient and obedient to see what His plan is. We do ask you all to pray alongside of us for God’s wisdom on this issue.

Sincerely in Christ

Tom, Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh Allan




78 Birthday breakfast with the two most God driven women in this world!  Praise God!