This very poor young boy suffered in and out of school for years with very serious eye problems.

On a mission team made up of folks from the Due west United Methodist Church in Georgia. An eye Doctor came along. She worked long hours every day for 6 days. Not having all of the equipment she would normally have she did the best she could and in fact after examining many people she was able to help a lot with glasses she brought down with her.

Due to the extreme difficulties with this very poor boy, pictured right, Doctor Poteet took her data back to the US with her and got the perfect lens made up and shipped them to HFTCM in Guatemala. This young boy has no Mom or Dad but lives with a single person who also takes in several children who would otherwise be living on the streets. In this situation there is never enough to go around.

Due to Doctor Poteet’s love for Jesus this young boy can now see, is improving in school and is now a member of our Church family. We thank Doctor Julie and give all of the praise and glory to God.

Dr_JulieI just want you to know that we think about Guatemala often! You and your family and Church family really touched our lives! I will never forget when my son Adam came up to me after the Wednesday night church service and he said, “Mom, you’ve taken me to some of the most beautiful churches in the world but I have never felt closer to God than when I was sitting in this church listening to this sermon.” Ironically, Adam did not understand the sermon as it was in Spanish, but he really felt the spirit of God. Also, he had been to some of the most acclaimed beautiful churches 2 weeks prior when we were at the Sistine Chapel in Italy as well as the Vatican! He loved your church more!

Sincerely in Christ

Tom, Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh Allan