To all of our Friends in Christ who love us and pray for us.

baby1Thank you for your wonderful and large offerings during 2012 that, helped us continue with our Children’s programs. Hearts For The Children Ministry continues to grow in numbers as we have reached out to several more villages to bring in more to the Kingdom of God. Additionally there are new babies being borne to members of our Church population. We have included some photos of some of the newest whose parents recently brought them to be presented to our Lord in a thanksgiving service.

We thank you for your love, prayers and support that lifts us up. We as missionaries have been living by faith believing in God’s provision for 23 years now and He has always provided.

We will be celebrating our 2oth year for Hearts for the children the week end of March 2013 and one year being in our new Temple after so many years preaching the gospel in a tent.

Once again thank you! and may you and your wonderful families continue to experience the full blessing of God’s and love and if for some reason we are not able to communicate before Jesus returns then we will see you in heaven.

Sincerely in Christ

Tom, Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh Allan


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