We have been busy for the last couple of Months, Cheryl Leigh crunching to finish 1st year of LibertyU,

Mission Quetzal is an organization run by Ms. Meg Dooly of Marietta Georgia, that is set up to allow young Guatemalan students to attain a scholarship and allow them to enter junior college or University. This keeps Elizabeth busy running around Guatemala, keeping up with all of the needs for the student. We have five in the program and are looking forward to ten for year 2017. If we tie in educational formation with Spiritual formation then Jesus takes over and does the rest.

As agents for Missionary Ventures Canada, we have been working on getting running water into about one hundred houses in a village called Oct.20, somewhat eight to ten miles from our Ministry House. Very primitive housing. no medical services within 20 miles. Somebody built a beautiful school however no water and so far out of range of anything no chance of getting teachers. The children who do go out of the community to school need to leave at 4:00AM and walk eight to ten miles to get a bus to take them to school. We have found water and now are looking for ways to get the water into the houses. A water tower is an option, if gravity feed works we may be able to go direct. We have been able to make contact with the locals and developed a good working relationship. We want them to do the work and we will help in any way we can. It is quite far away on a dirt track road and difficult to get to. However we see a great opportunity to allow Jesus to work in this village. We ask for your prayers for the children of Oct.20.

Art and Mary Fowler from Dahlonega United Methodist Church, had been bringing teams down to HFTCM for about eight to ten years. This year’s team was a great group of spiritual souls who worked that far away into Oct 20th. Did a medical clinic a Christian craft activity with the children, distributed food and clothing?

They also had someone pray for every man, woman and child before they left. Art and Mary have such a hear for HFTCM thy could not pass up an opportunity like that.

Art and Mary have a big heart for our Church, Mount Zion Evangelical Church. Many years ago they brought a team down just to work for 6 days helping to set the foundation, On Sunday the team was in Church some listening to the preaching and others doing Sunday school and a Christian craft with the Children.

A very large amount of medicine was brought down by this team. They used almost all of it over two days at the new village Tom found, called the Mirador, Just one mile from our ministry house. This is kind of a squatter’s village with houses just hastily put up using cardboard and tin. About 350 families live there, Multiply by 3 children at least in each home =1050 people. A lot of other ministry was done, working with the children, praying for all who came and distributing clothes and shoes.

There is no Church on the property, pray alongside of us as to what God would have us do?

Sincerely in Christ

Tom, Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh Allan


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A Ministry dedicated to serving the poor, hungry, sick, naked and oppressed children of Guatemala C.A.

Mirador – this community did not exist 8 months ago  – showing line up at our temporary medical clinic