On July 19th. we received a team of 19 people from Due West Methodist Church Marietta Georgia, led by Dale Hajost, who has been bringing teams down to work alongside of us for almost 15 years. Dale has identified the real reason for a mission trip. Over the years his thinking has evolved from, so ok I’ll go on a mission trip to Guatemala with these men and see what it is all about, to only come with me if you are serious about meeting God on His terms,
So for us to have two teams almost back to back with the same Spiritual Vision was an awesome experience. Jesus was at the forefront of every activity and every day and night. This factor gave these teams so much energy there were no deadlines to meet, there was no task unable to do.
Together these two teams held medical teams in 5 different locations, medically checked out, medicated, played and prayed for and distributed food and clothing to about 700 materially poor people. Just imagine what Jesus was thinking about these 29 people who were giving every ounce of all of their souls to serve some lost souls,
Mission trips are fun and adventurous, and we believe teams who come to HFTCM will at one time or another have a very real experience with Jesus, this experience, a life on earth lasting experience, and will continue until you arrive in Heaven. REGAINING ONES REAL IDENTITY IS THE BEGINNING OF AN AMAZING TRANSITION FROM JUST BEING, TO BEING A REAL CHILD OF GOD.”THE SPIRIT HIMSELF TESTIFIES TOGETHER WITH OUR SPIRIT, THAT WE ARE GOD’S CHILDREN,AND IF CHILDREN—HEIRS OF GOD AND COHEIRS WITH CHRIST.
(ROMANS 8:16), The days and night went by so quickly and then they were all gone.
May you all continue to experience the full blessings of God’s grace and love and if for some reason we are not able to communicate before Jesus returns, then we will see you in Heaven.