Information and Cost

Team costs:

  • Daily rate per person is $55 USD which includes:
  •  room, board, transportation (including to and from airport), electricity, hot water, drinking water, etc.
  • A deposit of ½ the cost per day is due at least 15 days before team arrives.

Mission House Facilities:

  • Sleeps up to 24 in bunk beds and also extra accommodations
  • Large kitchen and dining area
  • 2 X 3 piece washrooms ( 1 male 1 female ) – sink, toilet and shower ( hot water but 2 minute rule )
  • House is gated with 24/7 custodian and a German Shepherd guard dog
  • 12 seat Mitsubishi van (diesel with stick shift )
  • 15 seat Dodge extended van ( gas, automatic )


Bible School for kids:

  •  Plan for around 125 kids, who can be divided into classes by age or remain in a big group.
  •  Bible school is typically during all church services at the ministry, as well as Thursday afternoons at the field.
  •  Each lesson should typically include a Bible lesson with some kind of craft.


  • No hair dryers
  •  No shorts at ministry activities
  •  No tobacco, alcohol, drugs
  •  No rings in noses or in ears of males
  •  No card playing
  •  We do have internet but it should be used to a minimum  ( this will enhance the team’s experience and allow God to work )
  • *A must requirement:  LIGHTS OUT every night at 10:00pm NO EXCEPTIONS
  •  You cannot flush toilet paper down the toilet. Please use the trashcans.
  •  We do have hot water, but max shower time is 2 minutes.
  •  We provide plenty of towels, bedsheets, and pillows.
  •  We have plenty of purified water to use for drinking and cooking.
  •  Plan to dress nicely for the church services, and around the ministry please do not wear shorts.
  •  For construction work, please wear pants and no sandals.
  •  Temperatures in the highlands are typically in the 70s, and the chance of rain depends on the season.
  •  Because we are so high in elevation:  – at night it can get chilly, so it’s a good idea to bring a jacket.
  •  Plan to drink plenty of water.
  •  * Please note: Your team will be responsible for any damages your team incurs to Hearts For The Children Ministry property