Part of Tom and Elizabeth’s vision for Hearts for the Children has always included others working alongside them for the glory of God’s kingdom in Guatemala. Over the years, the Lord has sent many various interns to Guatemala for anywhere from a month to a year.

Just about any talent can be used here at Hearts for the Children — -from computer skills, to administration, to teaching, to driving; to simply spreading the love of Jesus through a smile or a hug!


Useful info for interns:

Housing is available for interns at the ministry house. Facilities include two bunk rooms, a small office with internet access, and a full kitchen. The ministry house has electricity, warm water for showers, and a continuous supply of purified water for drinking.

Just down the road from the ministry is the town of Antigua, famous for its colonial charm and markets, but also for its language schools. People come from all over the world to study Spanish in Antigua. Its close proximity to the ministry house presents a great opportunity for interns to improve their Spanish skills.

Taking a season to spend alongside of us at Hearts for the Children is a wonderful opportunity to experience the powerful movement of God in the mission field first hand!


So, if you are feeling the tug on your heart to serve with us as an intern at Hearts for the Children, please don’t hesitate to contact Tom Allan!