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from Hearts For The Children Ministry

Published on 14 May 2013

This video captures our lives, Hearts for the children ministry and Mount Sinai Church.

“Digging out the pictures and articles that were taken over a 23 year period was such a joy and blessing.

As we wanted to share all that you have done, as missionaries, for Him and us, through your, love, prayers and support.”

May you and your wonderful families continue to experience the full blessings of God’s grace and love and if for some reason we are not able to communicate before Jesus returns then, we will see you in heaven. Please enjoy your ministry in Guatemala.

Sincerely in Christ

Tom, Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh Allan

“Give Me Words To Speak” by Aaron Shust (Google Play • iTunes)

Guatemala 2014

One day we saw a little village of sorts along the side of the road. It seemed like just a small camp of sorts, amongst the woods. Upon further investigation it was more than that, it appeared there were some entire families displaced.. Tom Allan decided we were to go back the next day with food.We bagged 150 pounds of rice, sugar and beans to help the people. We drove out and were greeted by the people. It was clear they were dire straits. Without running water and adequate electricity, these people were the poorest of the poor.We went back to the village that we found amongst the woods. The local village of Embaulada that we have gone to over the years has grown and become more prosperous. While they are still very poor and humble, they are very generous and loving. They raised up some money (wish they don’t have much of) and they donated clothes. Some villagers even volunteered their time to help out. Very amazing people.
We went back to run a medical clinic and take care of the very basic needs of the people. We gave out medicine, more bagged food, clothes and salvation bracelets for the kids. We also did face painting and played games with the kids. We were the Hands and Feet of Christ, in some small, humble way.

In April of 2013, members from Stonebridge Church and Riverstone church went on a mission trip to Guatemala. We worked with “Hearts for the Children” ministry led by Tom and Elizabeth Allan ant their daughter Cheryl Leigh. While their we held a weeklong outreach for the children of the community of Embaulada, We also held a medical outreach for the people of the community, where we helped countless local people with their health issues. We also did some prep work on their church site for a children’s playground. It was an amazing trip down there. The music on this video is from Daniel Bashta and Harvest Parker, both worship leaders from churches in the Transformation Network, both of which Riverstone and Stonebridge churches are members of. Published on 18 Sep 2012 by Francis X. Ward Jr Music is “Jesus Loves Me” both in Spanish and by piano, and the “Revelation Song”, by Kari Jobe. Here are some pictures from our trip to Guatemala, folks from Stonebridge and Riverstone in Cobb County, Georgia spent a week there last Spring. we worked with Tom and Elizabeth Allan and their ministry Hearts for the Children. We spent the week interacting with the children and families, in the Embaulada area. Many of our team had been there a few times before, others were there for the first time. We held an Easter Egg Hunt, did puppet shows, met with mny families and dispensed food and care packages to the people. The people down there, while poorest of the poor were rich with happiness and love. The children, most of all, were fun, loving, kind and full of spirit.   This is a video of my mission trip to Guatemala in May 2009. With the ministry Hearts for the Children in Guatemala with the family of Tom, Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh Allan. All members of the mission team are part of the college ministry Eccelesia at The Church at Shelby Crossing in Calera, Alabama. Music  Artist: Chris Tomlin  and Song “God of This City”     This video was made for Hearts for the Children Ministry by Bedouins International which is a non-profit organization based in Birmingham, Alabama that provides media resources to other non-profits, charitable organizations, and missionaries around the world.