Mary Magdelana House - Guatemala City

On the left is Mary Magladena House – with double garage for worship services, meals and other blessings for people from the streets. It is a large 4 bedroom house with a flat concrete roof suitable for a roof top garden. The white building to the right is to be developed into a dental,eye and medical clinic plus workshops for skills training. The buildings are close to the airport, the  city dump and the major highway running through Guatemala City,.

The vision became a reality in March 2016 to open a shelter as a place where men and women can find refuge from their lives on the street and work towards a better lifestyle, through the help of Jesus. They will be reached through the Friday morning program, they will be built or rebuilt  through the love of Jesus in providing, shelter, food, and restored  through spiritual counseling, skills training and employment.

This is being managed and over seen by Tom and Elizabeth Allan ( Missionaries from Canada to Guatemala for 25 years), with the help of national Guatemalans who will help with cooking, managing the facility 24/7 and with other ministries.

This includes performing basic house chores, such as cleaning, painting, minor renovations and help with meals. There are two properties co-joined. On one side there is four large bedrooms house with 3 full bathrooms and 2 washrooms, a kitchen, living room, dining room, and the large garage used for worship.

The hope is to develop workshops in the other building and also dental, eye and medical clinics

  • textiles – sewing,
  • woodworking,
  • growing vegetables and herbs – have facility for large roof top garden
  • micro finance – lend money to start new businesses.