We have had so many folks sending prayers and wanting to know how we are doing regarding the eruption of the Volcano Fuego which is just about 12 miles from home. We have about 23 live volcanoes in Guatemala and from time to time there is some kind of activity some very small and some much larger.


I deliberately waited to advise you all for several days, as most time these things do die down. That is what happened with this one. Just one night and day of very heavy activity with plumes of smoke and ash up to 3000 meters in the air and lava rivers of up to a quarter of a mile.


The winds were the thing to watch for as they were blowing west North West for the most part so places like the pacific coast and Panajachel were covered with the dirt and ash.


All of our communities were very safe.

All of the people who were evacuated have now been returned to their homes and the volcano is now quiet.

Once again thank you for your love and prayers.

Blessings. Tom A