As a follow up to our recent post, regarding our disabled vehicles $7650.00  has been pledged to date.

A big thank you goes out to all who have contributed to this emergency.  we encourage all of our friends who are able, not to miss being a part of this blessing. the need is there, the call has been made, and your church in Guatemala is waiting for your love for jesus to shine.
by the way if you know of a church that is getting ready to change out their vans.

Tom Allan is in North America and is available to talk to anybody who would be willing to donate a vehicle.

He is in Canada at the moment and will be in the USA  about October 5th or 6th.

you may reach him via e mail at [email protected], or call him at 1 647 628 2183.
may you all have a blessed day.

If you need help with directing a blessing for this project you can contact Tom Allan who is in Canada at this time, tel 1-647-628-2183

Sincerely in Christ
Tom, Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh Allan
Email: [email protected]
A Ministry dedicated to serving the poor, hungry, sick, naked and oppressed children of Guatemala C.A.
A Church of God world mission project no 102 2047.