By now most of you know that I had an emergency operation while visiting Georgia this past fall, and needed to stay in Georgia till July 16, 2017 to recover. The problem was the carotid arteries. The left one is 100% blocked and cannot be unblocked so no blood is going up to my brain from the left side. Thank God, the right one was just 90% blocked so surgery was done to allow all the blood flowing from my heart to my brain from the right side. I am feeling pretty good but do need some more recovery time. It was decided that I could travel up to 35,000 feet with little chance of a stroke. Although I am on blood pressure and cholesterol medicine I have no restricted diet. I am trying to be careful as to what and how much I eat.

So, I want to take this opportunity to thank all my dear friends in Christ, who helped with housing, food and travel while in Georgia. I had my first surprise birthday party while there, although I had to wait 79 years to get it. It was a that party that I was overcome by the outpouring of love and prayers. It was then I realized just how big of a Christian family I have all over the world. I am so great full for God’s surprising healing intervention.

I had no idea of the gravity of my medical condition. I do not know how many more years my Lord plans for me on this earth, but I promise that everyone he gives me will be dedicated to His love for me and I will be able to look up each day to see His Glory all around me. I have made a promise to do a triathlon on my 100 birthday to honor and glorify Him, if He allows me to live that long, not too much, only 20 years more !

Of course, we need to re-calibrate the work we do in Guatemala and we ask for you to pray alongside of us seeking what He wants us to do and how to do it.

It was a joyful and tearful time returning to our Church and community, as a huge gathering were on hand to welcome us home. Especially the children. We love Guatemala and our people and do plan to continue to live and minister here if we can.

Thank you for your offerings sent to HFTCM while recuperating, that has not gone unnoticed by God and you will all receive you rewards in Heaven.

SHORT BUT SWEET TESTIMONY: We had no health insurance, the Canadian Government took our health care from us because we were out of Canada for a long period. So, no money or insurance and the Hospital bill amounted to $45,000. As the bills came in I put them on a Bible and presented them up to God. Over time the $45.000.00 has been reduced to $8.000.00 Only God can do that. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME.
May you and your wonderful families continue to experience the full blessings of God’s grace and love and if for some reason we are not able to communicate before Jesus returns then, we will see you all in Heaven.


Tom, Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh Allan