The Vision

The Call

Guatemala is a country of beauty and contrasts. Soaring 12,000 foot volcanoes are flanked on the east by the Caribbean and the west by the Pacific Ocean. The fertile land is populated by 10,000,000 descendants of the Spanish Conquistadors and the Ancient Mayan Indians.

Guatemala is also a land of inequities, violence, and corruption. 3% of the people own 80% of the land.

Out of the daily hardships of survival shines forth a spirit of determination in the eyes of these beautiful people.

The oppressed people of Guatemala need to know that God has heard their prayers and that He has not forgotten them.

Tom and Elizabeth Allan have heard God’s call.
He has sent them to Guatemala to minister the love of Jesus Christ.


Birth of a Vision

Tom and Elizabeth worked for 2 years as volunteers in a Christian children’s home in the highlands of Guatemala. It was during that time the Lord planted the vision for Hearts for the Children on Tom’s heart, while he was praying one night on top of a mountain. As the prayers continued, the vision unfolded.

Vision for Hearts for the Children Ministries– At all times adhering to the Great Commission:

“Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Matthew 28:20

  • Establish medical and dental clinics that are free and open to all of God’s poor children in Guatemala.
  • Set up food programs to provide nutritious food to those who are hungry.
  • Distribute clothes, shoes, blankets, etc. to the needy.
  • Minister to the needy widows.
  • Offer scholarships to high school age teens who cannot afford higher education.
  • Open a Christian school that will provide a top-notch education 1,000 children.
  • Open a church that will one day hold 5,000 people.


Further Plans

In following from the vision, prayers have led to additional plans for the ministry:

  • Renovate a building for a pediatric hospital in Guatemala City where all services, including operations and medicine, will be virtually free to the poor children of Guatemala. The hospital outpatient clinic will include dental, laboratory, pharmacy, medical consultation, and pastoral counseling services.
  • Open a radio station that will broadcast the word of God to the entire country of Guatemala.
  • Open a Mary Magdelena house next to the hospital which will provide outreach to the young prostitutes working in the area.

“We want to join the Lord in His work to establish a church in the local mountains of Guatemala and encourage others in ministering to the physical needs of the people. As the Lord establishes and strengthens us we will, through the blood of Jesus, reclaim what the enemy has stolen for so long. As we empty ourselves of the attachments to worldly things and set our eyes on things above, we will see hearts changed and lives touched by the Holy Spirit.”
-Tom Allan