Mount Zion Evangelical Church

The first thing missionaries normally do is plant a church in the area where they are going to minister. In our case, however, our ministry church, Mount Zion Evangelical Church ( Iglesia Monte De Sion),  has grown as a result of the original projects and programs which were started by Hearts for the Children Ministry.


The beginnings of the church targeted children. Our first meetings on Sunday mornings began in a village down the road called La Embaulada, where we had already been active in feeding and playing with children.


As we ministered to the children, singing simple songs and talking about Jesus, many of the adults of the community were throwing stones and tomatoes at us. Although we never had an official evangelism program, it was the children who evangelized to their families. Most of those same adults are now powerful leaders in our church, and La Embaulada has become a community transformed by faith.


The Mount Zion Church ministers to about 300 children and adults from 13 villages surrounding the ministry. The vision is to save souls and to develop powerful leaders who will impact multitudes for Jesus Christ. The temple is just a simple tent on the side of a mountain, which we are outgrowing. We are in the process negotiating on two large tracts of land, both complete mountains, on which to move forward with our vision to build a temple for thousands in Guatemala.


Church Location and Directions


Weekly church schedule


Sunday:10:00 am

  • Celebration Service praise, worship, prayer ministry, preaching of the Word
  • Children’s classes
  • Communion – first Sunday of the month

Tuesday: 2:00 pm

  • Woman’s Meeting
  • Children’s teaching
  • Followed by feeding program for kids

Wednesday: 5:00 pm

  • Cell leaders meeting

Wednesday: 7:00 pm

  • Praise and Worship Service
  • Encuentro classes

Thursday: 2:30 pm

  • Kids for Christ Club
  • Service for Ladies

Friday: 7:00 pm

  • Leadership School


  • Boy Scouts – every 2 weeks