Cheryl Leigh teaching Sunday school to some of our little ones.

Cheryl Leigh was born, raised and eventually home schooled in Guatemala using a curriculum developed by American High School. She graduated May of 2015.
Graduating from High School is an exciting time in a young woman’s life. However it does bring challenges. The biggest challenge for Cheryl Leigh Allan is receiving financial assistance to support her pursuit of a Psychology degree from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Unfortunately there is no financial assistance available for foreign students wanting to study in the USA. This is not a University regulation, but a U.S. Government one. All foreign students wishing to study in the USA will be charged much more that an out-of-State student, many times 50% or more.

To help bring down the cost, Cheryl leigh decided to work on her degree on-line at Liberty while still living in Guatemala. Despite this, the cost is prohibitive for a Missionary family, equaling over $4,500 per semester. Although this dedicated servant of God, has been successful at landing two jobs, her salary does not come close to paying for her education.
The three of us believe in God’s divine provision. We also believe that our Brothers and Sisters in the Lord can and want to help.

Any and all donations will be a wonderful blessing.

May you and your wonderful families continue to experience the full blessing of God‘s grace and love and if for some reason we are not able to communicate before Jesus returns, we will see you in Heaven.

Sincerely in Christ

Tom, Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh Allan