As you all know, God sometimes sends us to the most unusual places to serve his poor that have fallen through the cracks.
We were on our way back from a visit to the Pacaya Volcano when we saw what looked like a group of people protesting something just off of the major cost road. After taking a closer look we saw what looked like small pup tents and other kinds of random housing with just nylon roofing, The team leader Scott Williford felt God calling us to go back to visit the people living in that wooded area and hand out whatever food we had. There was no water, or electricity and no plumbing.


The reasons for them living there varied. The one thing we do know is that they do not have permanent housing anywhere in Guatemala.
Later that evening at a team meeting with me, it was decided we would change our planned activity for the next day and go back to the location, donate food, water, do a medical clinic and pray for them. A plea was made to our Church and along with a considerable offering, food, water and clothing was donated. We took all of the medicine we had in our pharmacy.The team had brought several hundred care packages, made up of soap, shampoo, wash cloths ,tooth paste and other sundry items. These were a blessing in itself.
It took us the better part of the day to examine and medicate the long lines of people with just me and Cheryl Leigh attending.

The team did a fantastic job of working the pharmacy, face painting, playing games with the children led by Elizabeth. We served a hot meal to all present.

There was a lot of prayer going on the entire day.


One situation stands out.
A woman of 105 years was brought carried in a chair, blind but full of God’s Holy Spirit. The only medical problem she insisted on was muscle pains in several areas of her body.
As I was doing an exam of her she began to pray for me.
What a twist. What a blessing?
Before leaving that evening the leaders called the population together to thank us and pray for us.
Very interesting indeed, poor people praying for a group of North Americans who had much more than they did.
We do plan to go back to minister to these people of God, please pray for us as we seek God’s wisdom.

Sincerely in Christ
Tom, Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh Allan