I apologize for not being able to send out up-to-date news for a while. I have been laid up recovering from vascular artery surgery. Elizabeth and I are in Marietta Georgia during this recuperating time. I have an appointment with the Vascular Surgeon on May 6th that will determine when we can return to Guatemala.
Our daughter Cheryl Leigh is back in Guatemala now preparing things for a team of 16 people who will arrive there on April 1 for seven days.

God is so good and trustworthy always. Normally when we come out of Guatemala we travel to Canada to visit with Elizabeth’s family and then make our way south to visit friends in southern USA. However, God directed us to go directly to Atlanta Ga this time, and neither of us understood why.

Not long after being here had a visit a with heart specialist friend. When he asked me if there were any big medical problems I responded that the only thing I had going on was hearing his heart in his ears day and night. Dr. Caras put a stethoscope up to my neck on both sides and immediately called for an EKG. That cleared the way for a scan of the two arteries going up to the brain. The left one was %100 blocked and the right one had only 10% left. When you have, a doctor saying to you your lucky to be alive right now, one normally goes into a kind of shock, my reaction was peace in my heart saying “Thank you My Father in Heaven for my life. Surgery was called for immediately, but there is always a waiting time, my family and I spent the waiting time in prayer and thanksgiving.

I am recovering quite well and am waiting on a final visit to the surgeon and hopefully get the ok to return to Guatemala.

I realize that God has provided a loving, caring, serving Christian family for us in the USA.

Keep tuned for more posts dedicated to this supernatural timely intervention by God, our Loving Father in heaven.

Tom, Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh Allan.

A Ministry dedicated to serving the poor, hungry, sick, naked and oppressed children of Guatemala C.A.