We used many forms of advertising and promotion this is just one of them.

Two different music groups were used in the Friday and Saturday services, all of them played local Church music using a variety of musical instruments. There was a lot of jumping and dancing for the lord in those two services.

A praise and worship team from an indigenous area , Chimaltenango, about an hour north of where we are, played some awesome music on Saturday night, that moved people to bow in adoration to Jesus,

Another praise and worship team from a Church in Guatemala City, that has played on the street, at one of our street outreach activities, touched the hearts of all present.
My family and I have waited a long time to see this dream come true. Praise and worship music bouncing off of the walls, ceiling and floor and melting all hearts present to Jesus.

Of course what would we do without our dear friend in Christ, Juanito (Hallelujah!), that?s what he shouts out all the time while playing and singing? There is such a bond between our congregation and Juanito that the minute he touches and instrument the Holy Spirit begins to move. Juanito played on Saturday and Sunday and we just know that our Lord was blessed.

We have more for you to see and read, over the next several days. Keep a look out for them. We want you to understand what God is doing in your Ministry and Mount Zion Church in Guatemala. A most exciting time with our Lord sorry so many could not join us.
Tom Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh Allan