Mary Magdelana house becomes a home

On the left is Mary Magladena House – with double garage for worship services, meals and other blessings for people from the streets. It is a large 4 bedroom house with a flat concrete roof suitable for a roof top garden. The white building to the right is to be... read more

Still more funds needed for Cheryl Leigh

Cheryl Leigh Allan cooking scrambled eggs at the Friday morning outreach for street people of Guatemala City. A matching grant of $2,640.00 per year was approved for Cheryl  Leigh to help cover some of the cost of her pursuing a psychology degree at Liberty... read more

Great news, a follow up to post regarding Cheryl Leigh

Cheryl Leigh Allan repairing a damaged foot at the Hearts For The Children  medical clinic We have just been advised that a matching grant of $2,640.00 per year has been approved for Cheryl  Leigh to help cover some of the cost of her pursuing a psychology degree at... read more

Help needed for continued education

Cheryl Leigh teaching Sunday school to some of our little ones. Cheryl Leigh was born, raised and eventually home schooled in Guatemala using a curriculum developed by American High School. She graduated May of 2015. Graduating from High School is an exciting time in... read more

Merry Christmas – 2015

As missionaries we go and preach the word to all to hear in many different ways. Above is a picture of 22 of our Church members receiving a diploma for graduating from the first of nine semesters each one lasting three months one night a week. These disciple classes... read more

Jesus needs your help !

Just graduated from the required 5th. Basico, which allows one to move on to a higher level. Jesus is the fourth of five children from a single widow. He wants to study at what we would call a junior college. Although a three or four year program one could graduate as... read more

God’s blessings continue to flow

  God’s Blessings continue to flow! Elizabeth was so blessed by some of the little ones of our Sunday school, with cards, large paintings and flowers, to celebrate her recent birthday. She is very much aware of the love the children and God have for her.... read more

Cheryl Leigh graduation

Both I and Elizabeth have always been proud of the things that Cheryl Leigh has accomplished, Graduating from High School and entering University at Liberty U, is one of them. And so we share her joy with this picture taken in old Antigua, Guatemala. May God continue... read more

Jesus at work in downtown Guatemala

Elizabeth Allan and God are not finished working at the Mary Magdalen House in Guatemala City. As you may know, Street people from 5 different areas of Guatemala City come for Praise and Worship and a good breakfast of eggs, beans, sausage, tortillas and coffee every... read more


Every Country has it’s out of the way location and difficult to get to. Guatemala is no exception, Livingstone lies on an inlet running of the Dulce (Sweet River) and the only small portion that Guatemala has that lies on the Caribbean. Very hard to get to,... read more


We may be repeating some of this but we think it needs to repeated ok! We all understand that God works in such mysterious ways that we as humans cannot understand and many times we do not even recognize that He is at work in our lives. Missionaries, despite some... read more


We know that it has taken about a year, waiting on God for directions regarding our ministry vehicles. As we did receive quite a number of donations for this project, however not enough to purchase new ones, we knew that God, as always had His plan working. As the... read more

Congratulations, Cheryl Leigh

Congratulations, Cheryl Leigh Allan! You have proved to all of us just how good you are, you also proved to yourself how high you can climb. You did such a great Job, graduating from High school, with higher grades than any of us, including you expected. So the next... read more


Guatemala May 22 2015 Our letter head verse, from the book of Luke 18:16 says it all! There are many reasons why God has called us to stay in Guatemala for over 23 years, one of them is in a picture. We have identified the areas in Guatemala where extreme poverty... read more

Celebrating 22 years

March 30 every year is an exciting one for Jesus and for all of the congregation of Mount Zion Church in Guatemala and for all of our supporters of Hearts for the children ministry. It is celebration time. What are we all celebrating? Well 22 years of being able to... read more

Visit to village of El Gorion

In March we visited the community of El Gorion ( means a small bird or Sparrow ) Jesus said of the sparrow , “What is the price of two sparrows–one copper coin? But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. -Matthew... read more

Spirit in the City

In 2001, Tom and Elizabeth acquired a property in the poor district of Colonia Landivar of Guatemala City. It did not take them long to feel the tremendous need for God’s love in these streets, as they couldn’t help but notice prostitutes on every corner and... read more

Our return home to Guatemala

Home after being away for six months, for me and my family was a new experience. First arriving at our house where we were greeted by our most trusted and loyal friend, Patro, who gave up Christmas and New year’s with his family to take care of our house and property,... read more

Back to Guatemala

January 13 2015 Follow up on our recent post, regarding our disabled vehicles . Donations have all but stopped now. The total to date is just at $15,000.00. We were not able to visit North Carolina but plan to do that next summer. We are leaving Canada on January 13th... read more

We love you! Cheryl Leigh Allan

We love you! Cheryl Leigh Allan Today 18 years ago you came into our lives, so little, delicate, a cry baby, but my beautiful princess, we are very thankful to God, for having a daughter so special like you. We feel very proud to be your parents. As parents we hope... read more