Visitng Medical Professionals

Closer upon completion of the hospital, we will have available more specific information for medical professionals coming to serve alongside of us at our pediatric hospital.


Doctor Testimonies





Dr. Odilia

Ajxup Vicente –



I came in April of 2001 to the clinic of Hearts for the Children Ministry, working in the afternoon Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. During this time, the people who have attended most have been children younger than 10 years and women. We examine approximately 150 people per month. The most frequent illnesses are: respiratory infections, gastrointestinal infections, peptic illnesses, parasites, foot infections, micosis, anemia, malnutrition, hypertensives, diabetics, and asthmatics. Also, because of the sometimes chilly climate, many patients visit for pulmonary problems.

All the people that come to the medical clinic are people of scarce means. Some come as far as a 9-hour bus ride to get not only free medicine, but a reinforcement of their spiritual strength. It is for me a blessing to be able to collaborate with the ministry, as it has permitted me to bless the bodies and souls of many people.


Dr. Mario Peña, Christian Pediatrician –

The first time I met Tom and Elizabeth Allan, they had come to my pediatric clinic with a beautiful little girl named Cheryl Leigh. After they left, the Holy Spirit was urging me to call them to offer my services for their clinic at Hearts for the Children Ministry, 25 miles from the city. My first thought was, as a pediatrician I would rather work with only children. Secondly, the only time I could do it would be around lunch hour (driving up to 45 minutes each way from the city). And thirdly, what would I get for that, not in terms of money, but what could the Father be trying to do with me?

One week later I visited the clinic with my wife and took the job, and what a good decision. There I found God’s love, hope, faith, in a family that blessed me and a lot of poor people. Children whose fathers couldn’t pay for a doctor, much less medicine, in the ministry received both. After two months, every day Tom was asking me, “Can you see just another one, two, or five…” God really blessed the place, and I learned that the most important thing in life is to do what He wants us to do, in the right moment and place.

I will never forget a time when a girl in a wheelchair came with her father. She was born with “equine foot,” and she had suffered alot of surgical interventions. When I examined the foot, I was quite concerned about it: about a 2-inch-wide opening was full of pus, and the edema was compromising the blood circulation. I knew I needed to use a special antibiotic that would cost more than her father’s monthly salary. He could not pay that. But we found that an angel had stored just enough of that antibiotic away in the ministry warehouse. Five days later I was using artificial skin, that another angel had send to us, to close the sore. This all cost the family less than five dollars, whereas in a hospital it would have cost more than $1000. One month later the little girl came to the clinic, with a wonderful new dress, a box with cakes, and one of the happiest faces and smiles I have ever seen. For over a year she had not been able to use her foot because of the multiple infections, until she found Hearts for the Children’s clinic and ministry.

In my time at the Ministry, I saw alot of conversions, miracles, and people being blessed with food, clothes, medicines, and God’s love. When the Father told me to leave the place, I was sure that for some time I had been part of His glory on earth; like people who act like the Good Samaritan, only for the sake of God’s love and name. I left a special family, not only brothers in Christ but friends; a special place; and some part of my life and heart.