Through the years

Elizabeth Allan Spearheads Dynamic Ministry for Prostitutes at the Mary Magdalene House

20 Jan 2004 –

Elizabeth has been working almost a year and a half just developing relationship with several ladies of the night who work near the Ministry hospital in Guatemala City. The Lord finally opened the door for a more in-depth ministry for her this month.

This dynamic woman of God opened the doors of the Hearts for the Children Mary Magdalene House next door to the hospital, inviting these ladies and young girls in for lunch, followed by praise and worship and a word from our Lord.


Four have accepted Jesus and want to move out of their profession into a halfway house that will allow them to get off drugs and alcohol and to turn from their work on the streets to a better life in Christ Jesus.

One indigenous woman, Lore, came from the Western Highlands of Guatemala to the City after her husband died, looking for a better life for her 10- and 12-year-old daughters . Unfortunately there she fell into the dearth of the streets. However, through ministry outreach, Lore has since received Jesus, asked for forgiveness, and has turned her back to the devil. Hearts for the Children and Bascomb UMC are now supporting a house near the ministry where Lore lives with her children, and HFTCM is able to provide work for her in its ministry kitchen. Lore is a very active member of Mount Zion Church and is enrolled in a cell group and spiritual leadership school. Praise God!


Elizabeth needs your continued prayers and financial help to keep this powerful ministry alive!


2 Mar 2004 – First Fruits come from Mary Magdelene Ministry


Elizabeth with Guadalupe, Sandy and Daisy Today was an incredible day in Elizabeth’s ministry to the prostitutes in the area around the hospital as 3 ladies gave their lives to Jesus Christ! They were so convicted by the Holy Spirit that all three desired to immediately leave their lives of sin and start afresh in Christ. They were taken to a rehabilitation house which will take care of the ladies for the next 6 months.

Guadelupe with her children in the rehabilitation house

This strict house does not allow them to leave at all but instead focuses completely on growing these ladies in Christ. Guatelupe was especially blessed to be able to get her two children back whom had been abandoned previously. Please pray for the ladies that God would be at work in their lives, conforming them to His perfect image. Pray also for the ministry, as it has taken these ladies under it’s wing and supports them during these six months.

23 Mar 2004 Ministry Needs Prayer as Work Continues

As God’s work progresses in the Mary Magdelene ministry, resistance from the local bars and clubs has increased. The police have also thrown about half the ladies into prison because they are illegal immegrants from other Central American countries. These ladies are currently stuck in prison with no way to get out, and Elizabeth needs your prayers as she visits them in jail.

16 Apr 2004 One of God’s Angels at the Ministry

Elizabeth with Isaac One of the ladies that Elizabeth has led to the Lord through the Mary Magdeline house ministry was having problems with her child in the rehabilitation center, so he has come to live at the ministry. Isaac, a high energy two-year-old, quickly felt at home with Tom and Elizabeth, and Cheryl Leigh readily took him in as her new baby brother. Please pray for him, as he requires a lot of attention and will be at the ministry until at least August, when his mother leaves the center.

25 Sept 2004 Prayers answered: An update on the Ladies Outreach Ministry

Guadelupe, one of the first prostitutes to accept Jesus through Elizabeth’s Mary Magdeline ministry in the city, has just completed her 6-month rehab program. She is full of such joy and love, now clean of drugs, alcohol, and prostitution. Guadelupe is now dedicating her energy to bring up her two children and is working full time at the new God’s provision ministry store. She will soon begin classes at the Ministry church to guide her in her spiritual life. Please continue to pray for this courageous young woman, along with her two-year-old son Isaac and ten-month-old daughter Genera.



Pictures from a recent ladies ministry lunch

15 Nov 2004 Mary Magdalene Ministry Continues to Go Strong


Elizabeth ministering to

a street junkie In the month of November, an average of 35 ladies and men of the night gathered every Tuesday for prayer, food, and the word of God. Two more women gave their hearts to the Lord in November along with two men. All four are now in rehab for a six-month period where they will receive ministry five hours a day. They cannot leave the facilities without the authority of Tom or Elizabeth.


As part of their ongoing rehab, two former prostitutes are now working with Hearts for the Children. The goal is to train them for meaningful work, allowing them to re-enter society as God-fearing, powerful leaders who will impact multitudes for Christ. This program takes at least a year and a half from the time they accept Jesus until completion. We are blessed to watch how Jesus is working in their lives.

20 Nov 2004 Pastors from Cuba Come to Bless the Ministry

Men’s Rehab Ministry Begins

We were richly blessed during the month of November, when five Cuban music ministers visited Hearts for the Children. A team from the ministry along with Daniel, one of the Cuban pastors, prepared food and gift bags of soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes for 200 men at a local rehab center. Then at the center, Tom preached the truth of salvation while Daniel played the keyboard. That night 22 came to the alter. Two weeks later the team visited again and 27 were saved. We are now visiting the rehab center on a weekly basis to bring the good news to these men. We thank God for leading us to those in need who are hungry for eternal life.

Some of the 200 men in the rehab center

On their knees giving their lives to Christ Shared testimonies from these men proved how great and faithful our Lord is. Our difficulties here in Guatemala seemed miniscule compared to how our brothers and sisters in Cuba live. As we opened the Hearts for the Children store for them, they gathered garbage bags of clothes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, shoes, face soap, toilet paper, and toys for their children and for children in their churches. As missionaries, we were humbled. The relationships we developed through the same Spirit and love of Christ are solid and strong. Tom and Elizabeth have now been invited to Cuba to plant Hearts for the Children in that country. Please pray along with them and share their vision to take God’s blessings to Cuba!

1 Feb 2005 A Celebration of the Mary Magdalene Ministry


Celebrating with the mariachis We had a grand celebration for our 1-year anniversary of the Mary Magdalene Ministry in the streets of Guatemala City. We were able to celebrate how the powerful hand of our Lord has moved this past year in the lives of many of the street. To-date 10 ladies of the night have accepted Jesus as their Savior and have been forgiven of their sins through this program. Two are currently working at various jobs at the Ministry, and several others have found work and are no longer dependent on alcohol, drugs, or their former work on the streets.



Two more come to know the Lord! At the anniversary celebration, two more women of the night accepted the Lord and went immediately into rehab. God is moving in a mighty way on 4th Street!




Our first success story of the Mary Magdelene Ministry last year, Lupita, has recently married Wilson Garcia, who has been involved with Hearts for the Children for years. Reyna, another success story, is now working at the Ministry and has entered the church leadership training program that will provide basic Bible direction to help her move ahead in her faith walk. Reyna has also returned to school to fulfill her vision of graduation, though she has a long way to go from the first grade. The two shared their testimonies and offered encouragement to others at the celebration lunch. Praise God!

Reyna and Lupita testifying

God’s work in their lives