Hospital Construction

front_smHearts for the Children Ministry is currently in the process of renovating a building in Guatemala City to be a free pediatric children’s hospital. In 2001, we purchased an old chicken warehouse in the heart of one of Guatemala City’s most poor districts, Colonial Landivar. By renovating this warehouse into a full-service hospital, our vision is to share the love of Christ with Guatemala’s children by providing them free medical care.


As of August 2005, we are happy to report that an entire wing of the hospital has been completed and is already in use! Please read below for details about our hospital, and keep checking back for updates on the construction progress.


Outpatient wing:

This part of the hospital is complete and already in use! Several days each week, a doctor and a dentist hold free clinics in the outpatient wing of the hospital. Facilities in this wing include a dental clinic, medical exam offices, two pharmacies, a records and storage area, and restrooms. Outreach from the pediatric hospital has already begun!


Emergency and Operating Wing, X-ray room, and Lab:

This section of the hospital is still in the early stages of renovation. We are moving ahead with floor tiling, wall painting, and ceiling tile. However, for much of the building process, expertise in hospital construction will be needed to assist the ministry design of these areas. The ministry has already been blessed with many of the supplies needed, including the x-ray equipment. Please pray that God will send hospital construction/design expertise to the ministry, as we cannot move much further ahead with this section of the hospital until then.


Upstairs–Maternity Ward and Children’s Ward

The upstairs part of the hospital will serve as a maternity ward as well as have beds for children in the hospital. Work has begun in this area on the floors and walls, and the next stage will be laying the floor tile and wall tile.