Most of you know that Hearts For The Children holds a Christmas party for the children we work with. This year was no exception, as there were gifts for all of the children along with other little goodies. This is also done for the unfortunate poor of Guatemala City through our Mary Madeline House.

There is a story of unconditional love that drives this activity; I feel I must share with you.

All of the funds that come for this activity are donated by Elizabeth’s father. Ricardo Mejia who is well into his 80’s, does not work and lives with his wife Angelica, in Toronto Canada. Tthey live off of a very small pension and each month Ricardo puts a little aside for this year end activity at Hearts For The Children. I am not telling you this because Ricardo is my father in law but telling you that this is an act of unconditional love that goes beyond understanding. Here is a man of god with little means, who prays daily as to what God would have him do.

His heart is on fire for the children of this ministry. he wants to make sure that every child possible is not left out at Christmas. As Jesus is the greatest gift given to man at Christmas,  Ricardo is reminded of that and so he shares the little that he has to bring joy to others.

It is no wonder then that my wife Elizabeth enjoys so much the day she gives a gift from the heart of her father who set the mold for her christian walk.
He also sets and example for all of us that love is the only thing that changes hearts and minds and giving to our lord brings joy to the heart.

Sincerely in Christ
Tom, Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh Allan