Saturday, November 19, 2011 –

I have not posted a blog for some time as it has been a very busy summer and then getting our lovely daughter ready to enter High School as a fresh women this year. That took some doing, as young girls change from middle school to high school they change at lot and in many ways. This color is not right…this is out of style now…or this just does not look good on me. Most of you know what I am talking about; I was not prepared for this onslaught of great change. Cheryl Leigh Allan is no longer my little baby but now my sweet senorita.

I also lost all of the photos we took while the teams were here and had to rely on some of those teams to send me some of theirs.

HFTCM has had a lot of visitors this year and all of them came to work hard and bless many people.

We had a team from Canada in March. 18 people

One from Dallas Georgia in June 25people

Another from Dahlonega Georgia in June.10people

Bridgestone and Cornerstone Marietta Georgia 25people in April

Due West United Methodist Church in July 32 people

I will post photos of some of the activities along with comments from some of their blogs.

The photos you see are a mix from several teams who ministered with us this year.

In order: I have had to break this post into several units so I could send it. Others will follow

  •  30 new Pews built by Due West UMC.
  •  New Mount Zion Cub Scout troop led by Dale Hajost.
  •  New street and houses in Guatemala City dump
  •  Constructing the new pews for the Church

A Typical short term mission team this one from Dallas UMC

New street and houses in Guatemala City dump