Bringing Light to Guatemala through Solar Lanterns

Thank God first, and then brother Martin Foster and his sweet wife Nancy Foster, also all the people who have allowed us to bless many families by taking the gospel to them through solar lamps. These families are lacking electricity, we have been very blessed to share the joy of these kids and their parents. Now they no longer use candles to study and complete other needs around the house at night. 

Thank you Lord, because you never forget about anyone, even in the smallest places on earth that seem to sometimes be forgotten. This is the sign of your love and sovereignty!

Dear friends, 
The girl with the scar on her face, her name is Maria Alejandra. She had a serious accident due to candle lighting at home causing her to have severe burns.

Thanks to these solar lights we were able to replace candlelight at their home so we can prevent any future accidents! Alejandro and her twin sister are very excited that now they can study under the light and not have to worry about a candle burning out or a candle burning down their home. Along with many other families that we have been able to bless.

Sincerely in Christ

Tom, Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh Allan


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