vehicle_01 January 13 2015
Follow up on our recent post, regarding our disabled vehicles .
Donations have all but stopped now. The total to date is just at $15,000.00.

We were not able to visit North Carolina but plan to do that next summer. We are leaving Canada on January 13th and heading back to Guatemala.

So again if you know of a church that is getting ready to change out their vans, Tom Allan can come to North America and is available to talk to anybody who would be willing to donate a vehicle.

We want to thank everyone who blessed us on this wonderful journey as we give all the praise and glory to God.

If you need help with directing a blessing for this project you can contact Tom Allan at  502 51544201

or you may reach him via email 

Sincerely in Christ
Tom, Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh Allan
Email: [email protected]
A Ministry dedicated to serving the poor, hungry, sick, naked and oppressed children of Guatemala C.A.
A Church of God world mission project no 102 2047.