All Night Vigil

From time to time our Church members call for an all night vigil; there are many reasons for the call to go out. The last one was for all night prayer for a world running out of control and out of God’s reign. We are witnessing a world including Canada, the USA, Guatemala and other nations drowning in mans own sin. Our congregation does not understand how men in Government can allow such things as Gay marriage, abortions in the hundreds of thousands, the lies coming from the government institutions, legalizing drugs, the killing of innocent women and children in many countries around the world.
They are asking where are the universal Church of Jesus Christ leaders who are not standing up with moral guts to come together as a body of Brothers and Sisters in Christ and take strong stands against satin to defeat this world wide move into total destruction.
Jesus told us that we are different as followers of His and we are separated from those of the world, we have the power of the blood of Christ covering us. We have the power of the Holy Spirit protecting us. More than this we have Jesus living in us and we live in Him.
God has told us to stand firm, do not be afraid, convicted He said if you are for me then who can come up against you. Believe in me, not in man, have faith.
Our Church is small in numbers, however Hugh in Spirit they understand that there are millions of so called Christians around the world, they are asking where are they? Why are they not marching forward like Christian solders to defeat this immoral out of control world? Frankly I cannot answer them, I ask the same question.
So the Church was full of believing, God fearing souls who are weeping inside, but crying out loud to God for forgiveness for the wrongs of leaders of the world. They began praying and wailing in the spirit for mercy, love, patience, grace and world peace, the peace of Jesus that comes from the Cross of Calvary.
The vigil started at 8:00PM and finished some time about 5 or 6AM.Drained emotionally and physically but going home with the love e of Jesus with them.
They believe that their prayers will be answered; however they have asked me to challenge all of our Christian Brothers and Sisters to stand together in strong unity of prayer for 10 or so hours as they have.
We must take the lead, we must move on for the Glory of the Kingdom.
We are but a small entity here in Guatemala.
However together the power of all of our prayers together will be the moving force needed to defeat the direction the world is heading in and turn it back to God. WHO IS WAITING FOR WHOM?

Sincerely in Christ

Tom, Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh Allan