The past 21 years have been a blessed supernatural experience. When we were called to Guatemala God made no promises of success, failure, or secular fame. What He did promise was a day to day walk with Him. In the secular world one is quite certain as to what the day will hold for them. For 21 years we were directed by God’s Holy Spirit as to where to go and what to do. For sure from time to time we missed a sign or a signal and may have not heard His voice quite clearly. His grace and glory was always around us. When I say we and us I include my wonderful Spirit filled wife and daughter Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh. How they both put up with me I’ll never know.

Your love, prayers and support were some of the vehicles that God used to help us get what He wanted done. We thank you and Him for that.

The two celebration services held on the 29th and 30th of March were an awesome testimony to the Glory of God! That was the theme for this year’s anniversary celebration.

Two guests were invited to speak this year The Holy Spirit moved in a most powerful way. Lives were saved, Prophecies, healings and the breaking of the chains of satin was the blessings for two wonderful days where everyone in attendance understood that the Glory of God is around them every day.

We do want you to know that you have helped us take the Gospel of Jesus to many parts of Guatemala.
North, South,East, West from the Jungle to the desert, from the oceans to the mountains both rich and poor, men, women and children, have received the blessings of forgiveness by accepting Jesus as their Lord Master and savior.

We are constantly being asked why we are still working in the village of Embaulada where you began your vision some 20 year or so ago. After all you have blessed the people in that village with, food, clothing medical services and now you have built a Church for them. Why are you still there?

Helping when it hurts, is a very dangerous trap the devil has set up for us. All of the above does not mean God’s work is done. 20 Years ago, most of the children had very little clothing, maybe tortillas with salt three times a day and no medical services, most houses had no running water or electric power, and were made of metal and tin combinations all had dirt floors that were sleeping accommodations. Men traditionally did not work at meaningful work .The change in this village over 20 years has been a staggering supernatural experience to watch. More men are working and providing more living necessities and parental guidance, as heads of the households. There are more men now active in the Church life as leaders, Sunday school teachers, Cub Scout leaders taking active roles as taking up the offerings, praise and worship, assisting with Holy Communion, driving church vehicles, and taking on supervisory roles on special occasions.

It is no longer a woman driven”, we are poor and will always be poor and have no hope” environment, the number of vehicles has gone from may be2 or 3 to 30 or 35. The number of children attending school has risen %500… There are many 2 story cinder block house being built. The church population has taken on the responsibility of providing food to the widows of the community.

Having said so much, as we said, there is much more to be done.

So many of our church population and the village neighbors, who are not believers, live with deep old customs and cultural beliefs that have been handed down from generation to generation.
Although many family changes are evident since the life of Jesus was taught, those deep cultural customs still have a strong hold on many who we minister to. To break those chains that hold back the giving of one’s entire life to God, takes ministering to a one on one level.

So our real work has just begun. When it will end, only God knows.

All we ask for is your faithful prayers that, God will continue to provide all of the resources needed for our family, the good health and spiritual strength to continue what he started.

One again thank you. May you and your wonderful families continue to experience the full blessing of God’s grace and love and if for some reason we are not able to communicate before Jesus returns then, we will see you in Heaven.

Sincerely in Christ
Tom, Elizabeth and Cheryl Leigh Allan